Example of Jelly Bean Self-Publishing's Web Design Service

Web Design for Your Book

Want your book to get noticed? Websites can be a shop window for your book. Jelly Bean Self-Publishing can provide an affordable website design service. 

Our designers have successfully delivered hundreds of websites, from brochure sites, ecommerce websites to social media platforms.

We offer three website design packages:

Web Design Package 1 – One Page Website:

We will design you an author’s page that will be part of our Jelly Bean website. This one page website will allow you to promote yourself and your book to a wider audience.

Web Design Package 2 – Your Own, Independent Website:

Example of Jelly Bean Self-Publishing's Web Design Service

Web Design for Your Book

Do you want to do more to promote yourself and your book? Do you feel that a one page website won’t be enough to say what you want to say? Having your own website with its own domain name will allow you to do a lot more.

We can offer you a five page website that will give you the scope you need to really connect with your audience. You can choose from a series of specially designed templates (that can be modified to use your preferred colours, etc.).

Your site will consist of the following pages:

  • Home Page
  • About The Author Page
  • About The Book Page
  • Blog
  • Contact Page

Web Design Package 3 – Your Own, Bespoke Website:

Is having a template website not what you had in mind?

Why not have your very own custom built and designed website?

With your own, bespoke website, you can have as many pages as you want, say what you want, do what you want. Want to have games on your site? Now you can. Want to have videos on your site? Why not! Want to sell your book from your own site? Consider it done!

Our custom built sites come with their own content management system, which allows you to edit the site as and when you feel the need.

Please contact us for more details.