Why does your manuscript need editing? What does an editor do that a simple spell and grammar check can’t?

An editor makes sure your manuscript is the best it can be. They offer an impartial, informed perspective on your work, guiding you on matters such as structure, story, and style – none of which a computer can assess.

When it comes to grammar and spelling, computers can be useful. But no software has been developed yet that can successfully identify the various vagaries of English grammar in all cases. And what about books with non-standard grammar? It would be interesting to see what Microsoft Word makes of The Catcher in the Rye…

An editor scours the text to ensure that when your book hits the shelves mistakes are nowhere to be found. Where necessary, they will fact check your work as well.

Working in close partnership with the author, an editor makes sure your text says everything you want it to, just how you want it to. They ensure the layers of polish and professionalism which will distinguish your book in the crowded marketplace, and provide a sounding board for any new ideas you may have during the publishing process.

Jelly Bean’s editorial staff are the same that work on titles of our award-winning partner imprint Candy Jar Books, ensuring the highest standards of editing in all of our books.