We know that no two books are alike. In the same vein, with Jelly Bean Self-Publishing, what you pay will depend on what exactly you need.

So that you only pay for services that you require, before providing you with a quote, we will conduct a thorough consultation, ascertaining just how we can best meet your needs. Then we will take a number of factors into consideration: word count, printing requirements, level of editing required, etc. before coming up with a quote.

Editing & Proof-Reading Costs

All books edited by Jelly Bean Self-Publishing will be read through by at least two of our editing team. Our editorial costs are set on a per-word basis. We offer competitive pricing, and depending on the level of editing required and the time taken, this will be between £0.01 per word and £0.02 per word.


35,000 word manuscript, high level of editing required

35,000 x £0.02 = £700

80,000 word manuscript, very low level of editing required

80,000 x £0.01 = £800

Shorter manuscripts, e.g. children’s picture books, often have alternative requirements, and therefore are subject to an alternative pricing structure. This can be discussed in an initial consultation.


Printing Costs

The cost of printing is different for every project, taking into account factors such as paper quality, whether the book is hardback or paperback, and whether or not it features colour or black and white illustrations. We have relationships with a number of high-quality and reputable printing companies across the UK. Depending on the book size, page count and printing specification required, we will collect a number of competitive quotes. Based on these quotes we will be able to offer you a highly competitive price for the number of copies printed*.

*Minimum 100 copies


Book Marketing

Marketing and publicity costs can vary depending on the extent of the project, and so will be discussed during an initial consultation.


We’re always happy to explain the various options available to you, and the cost implications thereof. If you have any queries, please do get in touch