With so many new titles on the market each year, getting your book noticed has never been so important.

Often self-publishing companies wash their hands of their authors as soon as a book is printed. Here at Jelly Bean, we like to think of printing as the halfway point of the process: we’ve helped bring your work into the world, now let’s get it into the hands of readers!

As an imprint of the award-winning publisher Candy Jar Books, Jelly Bean can offer you industry-level standards of marketing and promotion support.

Through our relationships with distributors, we can get your book stocked in retailers nationwide, as well as making it available on our own website.

We can write you press releases to attract media coverage; information sheets to get your work into book shops; we can advise you on how to engage with social media; provide you with resources for school visits and live events; make you a website; design you posters and roll up banners; and in partnership with our affiliate Candy Jar Media, we can even shoot promotional trailers for your book.

If you have any specific promotional ideas in mind, or would like to know in more detail about our past successes or how we can help you, feel free to get in touch!

Michele McKenna, author of The Diddy Tree

As a parent and qualified childminder, Michelle knew that there were thousands of people struggling to ween their children from dependence on dummies/diddies/pacifiers. After working with Jelly Bean to create The Diddy Tree, Michelle wanted to share those experiences  that inspired the book, but wasn’t sure where to begin. A promotional video interview with the author of a book puts a face to the name, and engenders trust and familiarity between customers and the author.

Simon Marcus Caines, author of Mohican Reborn

Simon had spent his whole life with stories inside him. After self-publishing his book, he wanted to make sure that these stories would reach a wide audience. But without the connections or knowledge to attract the attention of the media, he was unable to garner any coverage.  With our experience and expertise in crafting compelling press releases, our contacts and expertise at getting them to the right people, Mohican Reborn was featured in the news, and was able to reach a significantly higher number of readers.

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Other publicity we have achieved:

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